Profile of cameraman standing behind a TV amongst rows of audience members
Credit: Jason Sheldon/Junction 10 Photography

Press Office

Hello from Rhian, and Evette in the Press Office at Town Hall and Symphony Hall.

If you are a journalist, writer, blogger or media professional with an enquiry relating to Town Hall and Symphony Hall Birmingham, Performances Birmingham Limited or music in Birmingham generally, we can help.

Use the links in the left hand sidebar to view further information on the services and content we offer, or contact us directly:

Rhian Morgans, Corporate Communications Manager
0121 644 6160

Evette Rollins, Assistant Communications Manager (Temporary)
0121 644 6046

We can assist you by:

  • sending regular programme/season information and announcements for media use
  • providing background and historical information on both halls for media use
  • supplying quality high resolution images of both halls, artists and staff for media use
  • sharing broadcast quality video footage of both halls for media use*
  • arranging media interviews with artists and staff
  • delivering facts, statistics, quotes and statements for media use
  • assisting with media research relating to Town Hall and Symphony Hall
  • investigating film, TV and broadcast location enquiries
  • reserving review tickets for performances to accredited media
  • investigate photo and filming pass requests from accredited media

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