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Musical Picnic: Midweek Explorer

Musical Picnic: Midweek Explorer

Symphony Hall Café Bar

Enjoy a mid-week breather with your host and jazz singer Sara Colman, while exploring music and making new friends.

Musical Picnic: Dominic  Harlan

Musical Picnic: Dominic  Harlan

Symphony Hall Café Bar

Acclaimed pianist, vocalist, performer and educator Dominic Harlan brings a morning of musical entertainment with the family.

Reis Taylor Dixon: Words Unspoken

Reis Taylor Dixon: Words Unspoken

Symphony Hall Café Bar

From shadows dancing behind ignited flames to abandoned umbrellas lying unconscious in the aftermath of a ferocious storm to love that is eternally…

Sax In The City: The Notebenders

Sax In The City: The Notebenders

Symphony Hall Foyer Bars

The Notebenders Big Band returns for another Sax in the City performance, breaking down barriers with their fun and uplifting sound

Jazzlines Free Gigs: Sam Watts Octet

Jazzlines Free Gigs: Sam Watts Octet

Symphony Hall Café Bar

Sam Watts’ music draws on a diverse range of musical styles and influences, from jazz to tango, Brazilian music, classical music and ragtime,…

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