Join Pete Waterman OBE for a fascinating night talking about his career from Stock Aitken Waterman to Pop Idol. Pete has experienced a lot and shares stories in a creative and appealing way - one not to be missed. 

Pete Waterman’s fascinating career has given him the opportunity to talk about almost anything. Pete is the most successful British producer-songwriter in pop history, an author, DJ, Pop Idol judge and television presenter and a lifelong entrepreneur. His career began as a part of the successful Stock Aitken Waterman team and for his world-famous PWL label and production company. During his time in the music business, Pete has sold in excess of 500 million records around the world over five decades, launching artists such as Kylie Minogue, John Travolta, Rick Astley and Steps, and has been rewarded with many different awards and honours over the years.

Pete’s biggest passion is the railways and his professional knowledge in reference to railways is highly regarded. Since the 1990's he has successfully invested in railway companies and forms part of several committees and taskforces for the procurement of the railways in Great Britain.

As a keynote speaker Pete is charismatic and multi-talented. He can give speeches about how to become a successful entrepreneur, how the music business works or what it is like to be a Pop Idol judge. Furthermore, Pete is a magnificent host and is always one hundred percent attentive to the needs of his audience.