Asian Dub Foundation celebrates cult movie La Haine with an exclusive sonorization “vibe-filled” set through sound and images live at Town Hall. 

This incredible live show brings on stage a live sonorization of the original soundtrack played live by the band while the movie airs in the background, for a unique and powerful journey between music and frames.    

Steve Chandra, Dr Das and Brian Fairbairn are respectively guitar, bass and drums of legendary Asian Dub Foundation, a band that has always been politically and socially involved: in their most-critically acclaimed album, Enemy of the Enemy, there’s a related song inspired by the film, called La Haine, which reflects how deep their commitment is into this project. 

The movie, more actual than even now, is interpreted by Vincent Cassel and describes the tension lived in Paris banlieue after the killing of a man by French Police, and suits well with ADF message and strength. The rawness has made it a real cult, reaching #32 in Empire Magazine’s Best 100 Film of World Cinema. Paris, Europe, World: one common denominator. Born in 2001, this visual-live set has been played all over the world.