What do you get when you cross no holds barred teenage energy and musical brilliance with some seriously sensational music?

A totally dazzling concert performed by the world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers, that’s what. Throw in a bit of magic in the form of legendary conductor and composer George Benjamin and pianist extraordinaire Tamara Stefanovich and you’re looking at a spectacularly good night out.

You’ll begin the evening at altitude. With a wild wind whistling in your ears, you watch a coven of witches at a terrifying, hedonistic dance party in Mussorgsky’s Night on a Bare Mountain (one of the BBC's Ten Pieces). Taking the scenic route, you’ll experience the eerily mysterious, cinematic soundscape of Ligeti’s modern classic Lontano (so chillingly spooky that Stanley Kubrick used it in the soundtrack of The Shining), the jazzy exuberance of Ravel’s Piano Concerto for the Left Hand and George Benjamin’s vibrant, attention-grabbing Dance Figures. Your adventure ends down at sea level with the waves crashing against the shore in Debussy’s La Mer.

Totally teenage orchestral brilliance.

Come and Hear it.