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Symphony Hall | Classical
Birmingham Classical 2016-17

Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring

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National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain
Thomas Adès


Francisco Coll
Thomas Adès
The Rite of Spring

This summer join the National Youth Orchestra, a band of pioneers exploring composers taking music to new frontiers. The world’s greatest orchestra of teenagers, the NYO, is going on a voyage of discovery. And with Thomas Adès at the helm it is bound to be an exciting ride.

A protégé of tonight’s conductor, young Spanish composer Francisco Coll writes music that encapsulates modern life. Mural is an extraordinary symphony where crazy Dionysus meets calm Apollo. Alternating between festive dances and dreamlike harmonies at times you can hear the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape and at others the calm stillness of a mountain range.

As night falls on Earth we look up and see Polaris - the North Star - glittering brightly in the vastness of space. For centuries, it guided sailors across the oceans and in Thomas Adès’s dazzling music we hear surging waves of brass undulate beneath the iridescent sparkle of piano and strings, the musicians drawn magnetically towards the note A, their own musical lodestar.

And then it’s back down to Earth with a bang. The musicians throw themselves with abandon into the wild pagan ceremonies of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. When Stravinsky unleashed this sensational ballet on Parisian audiences it was unlike anything that had ever been heard before. Its elemental, ritualistic percussion, stabbing strings and blaring winds make it one of the defining works of the 20th century.

Totally teenage orchestral brilliance.

Come and hear it.

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Totally Teenage Reception

Fri 4 Aug, 6pm - This free, unique and friendly event for teenagers is hosted by the NYO’s Young Promoters – this is a wonderfully accessible way for other teens, students, and young musicians alike to find out about the music in this evening’s performance and meet the NYO players personally.

Creative Hub

Fri 4 Aug, 6pm - Symphony Hall Foyer A free pre-concert of bold new music from NYO Composers. Instantly bringing their ideas to life through chamber performances it's here that you'll experience bold creativity and the young voice in new music.​Varied, dynamic and full of surprises.

A five-star fiesta of energy and talent. * * * * *


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