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Brum Youth Trends: Summit 2018


Brum Youth Trends Summit 2018 will bring together young people, businesses and decision makers to launch our next Brum Youth Trends report.

Think about how much this city has changed over the last 5 years, do you remember when they opened Grand Central or when the Birmingham Library closed and the opened... and now is partially open. Does it annoy you at how much the cost of travel goes up every year and you don’t get a say but have to pay? Before any of these major decisions happen there are open discussions, panels and talks but very few young people are involved in this. Our Brum Youth Trends survey gives young people the power to make a real difference. There aren't many opportunities in this city for young people and decision makers to look each other in the face. This is one of those times.

We're frustrated. But we're also optimists. Relentless ones. We're bringing together people who are interested in digging out solutions to some of the biggest issues and opportunities that our young people face in this city. As one of the participants from last year said “Birmingham being Europe’s youngest city isn’t a good thing if youth have no future.”

At Brum Youth Trends: Summit you can expect:

  • Hear from key decision makers and from young leaders about how the report will influence they way they think, work and interact with the city

  • Explore data art, hear stories and see performances

  • See the trends and predictions that we feel will impact youth culture in Birmingham in 2019 and beyond.

Speakers include:

  • Sideman All Day, Radio 1 Presenter

  • Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair Of Arts Council England

  • Rachel Coldicutt, CEO of DotEveryone

  • Andre Reid, Founder of Kiondo

  • Zeddie Lawal, Community Developer at Free Radical

  • Brigid Jones, Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council

  • Suriya Aisha, Founder Of Unmuted

  • Sean Russell, Director for Implementation of the Mental Health Commission

  • Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

Photography will be taking place, please let us know if you don't want to be on camera.

If you are booking as a group of more than 10, please contact Amy Clamp on who will be very happy to hear from you.

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