A unique audio-visual experience featuring two very different ensembles led by bass player Chris Mapp. Gonimoblast work regularly with special guests, most recently with Arve Henriksen and Maja Ratkje. This one off audio-visual performance sees them collaborate with a “fifth member”, a brass ensemble of friends and allies, to play new music written by Chris. Additionally Annie Mahtani (BEAST) will use the 10.2 surround system to specialise the performance and Chromatouch will live code an immersive visual reaction to the music. It’s safe to say you won’t have heard or seen anything like this before. 

Stillefelt is a new trio put together by Chris in early 2017 as a dynamically quieter response to Gonimoblast. The trio merges written material with improvised passages with liberal use of guitar effects pedals and audio processing creating sound beds for soaring trumpet and guitar lines over hypnotic grooves.