After some amazing performances as part of the Nashville In Concert Farewell Tour, Clare Bowen has confirmed solo UK dates for September!

Nashville is more than just a TV show to Clare Bowen, though. “Nashville is a city with its own heartbeat…” she muses. It has become a launching pad for her own music. Playing Scarlett O'Connor required Clare to sing hundreds of songs, play multiple instruments, and overcome an irrational fear of microphones. When asked whether she could play the banjo, she replied “probably” and learned. It pushed her to write songs that she’d actually show people, drawing on everything she wrote down as a child for inspiration.

Along with being an artist, Clare is also an activist. An advocate for kindness, she cut off her waist length hair in 2015 to express the need for people to look past the physical image. The act unexpectedly went viral, eliciting thousands of positive responses from all over the globe. Clare was overwhelmed with joy, startled by the attention and reportedly retreated to the ceiling until her team got her down with a broom. 

Plus special guests, Striking Matches!