Coco ‘n’ the Fellas are a London based band, who perform across the country and internationally with their signature fusion of swing and contemporary jazz.

All four members are committed composers and throughout the past year they have been working on pushing boundaries in the gypsy swing style. Recently they were accepted into the Yamaha competition as part of Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club and have been featured as part of the Jazz sessions at Blue Piano.

The band has recorded two albums and performs regularly across the country. They have also performed together in Italy, Bulgaria, Norway and Scotland. Breathtaking arrangements, varied repertoire and highly regarded musicianship ensure that Coco will transport you to a sonic landscape of gypsy jazz, bebop, fusion and more.

Coco and the fellas are: Ami Oprenova (vocals), Daniele Cuifreda (electric guitar), Joe Perkins (acoustic guitar), Havard Tanner(double bass)