Empirical could turn out to be one of the most important bands in British jazz history” (Jazzwise, 2009) – there can hardly be a more expectant prophesy to live up to for a young band, but since their formation in 2007, Empirical haven’t ceased proving their indefatigable and fearless creative fervour while honing an instantly recognisable group sound rife with raw energy and roiling emotion.

Featuring Nathaniel Facey (alto sax), Tom Farmer(double bass), Lewis Wright(vibraphone) and Shaney Forbes(drums), the band settled on its current line -up in 2009 following the departure of three of the original college-friends quintet. A tribute concert to Eric Dolphy, centred on his classic 1964 album Out To Lunch! found Facey and Forbes joined by Wright and Farmer. The quartet bonded through a sense of common purpose: “I’d never met guys who took it so seriously. The process of studying together is really what brought us together, and we just carried on doing it” recalls Tom Farmer.