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Find us on Facebook to watch the Japanese drumming group Kodo perform from Sado Island when it's broadcast on Friday 24 July at 7PM. 

The members of Kodo live together on Sado Island located in the northern part of Japan. Sado has not yet had any reported cases of the virus, however the members and staff are taking special precautions to keep themselves isolated and are acting in accordance with the guidelines set by the Japanese government including restricting unnecessary travel within and outside of the island.


As a music charity, every day that Town Hall and Symphony Hall are closed puts the livelihood of musicians and artists, staff and suppliers in jeopardy. The current COVID-19 crisis will dramatically limit our ability to present the many learning, talent development and community engagement projects that form a vital part of our work and positively impact almost 20,000 young people and adults each year.

Based on Sado Island in northern Japan, this internationally renowned group of drummers made their debut at the Berlin Festival in 1981 and have been dazzling audiences worldwide since then.

The ensemble strives to both preserve and reinterpret traditional Japanese performing arts with their spectacular theatrical show. In 2012 Kodo announced the realisation of a new vision with its appointment of Kabuki legend, Tamasaburo Bando, as their Artistic Director. Under his direction the ensemble has developed even further to encompass everything from energetic physically-charged ensemble drumming to smaller groups and soloists featuring a variety of authentic percussion instruments as well as flute, shamisen and dance. 

The group have previously won the Gold Disc Award for Japanese Classical Music for Irodori, as well as Japanese Foreign Ministry Award for their overseas tours, the MIDEM Music Video Award at the Cannes Music Festival and the Matsuo Performing Arts award for Japanese Music. Kodo have seen success as recording artists with their releases of albums: Kodo I, Ubu-Suna, Hero, and The Hunted motion picture soundtrack.

Their work as musicians and performers extends further with their development of The Kodo Cultural Foundation. The Foundation was created to bring Kodo together on a larger scale. It runs social educational activities with the local community on Sado Island, as well as hold the Earth Celebration International Arts Festival every year for their home village, inviting other international artists to perform and indulge in cultural ideas.