Brace yourself for a voyage into the underworld, as Reece Shearsmith (The League of Gentlemen) and multi-instrumentalist Stephen Horne team up to create a live score for a supernatural oddity from cinema’s early years.

Once banned in the USA and unseen for decades, Häxan (dir: Benjamin Christensen, 1922) blends horror, documentary, animation and woodcuts to paint a lurid picture of witchcraft through the ages. Featuring the director himself as a disturbingly Grinch-like Devil, the film immerses us into a world of torture and superstition while suggesting that witch persecution was a medieval response to mental illness.

  Conjuring up a storm on piano, theremin, percussion and much more, one-man band Stephen Horne is here joined for one night only by actor, writer and horror devotee Reece Shearsmith to perform Christensen’s original narration.