David Austin Grey and Hansu-Tori will explore the relationship between composed and improvised material, and how this might relate to playing and spontaneously recreating music within a large ensemble framework.

With inspiration stemming from bird movement and migration this audio-visual concept piece aims to immerse both the audience and the performers in an ever-changing suite of sound and moving image.

In particular the band will explore the idea that a large number of birds can travel together simultaneously and independently of each other.
The music will involve both pre-composed and freely improvised sections of music. The methods of navigation between the two will be flexible, dynamic and subject to change (in the same way that the migratory routes of birds are subject to change and unforeseen factors).

This project also intends to highlight and draw attention to the environmental issues facing the bird population in the UK, in particular the impact of climate change, rising sea temperatures and plastic use.   

David Austin Grey is one of Sound and Music’s 2018 New Voices and this performance is being supported as part of this programme. New Voices is kindly funded by the PRS Foundation and the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust. Sound and Music is a PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner and is funded by public funding from Arts Council England.