Join Iain Ballamy for an intimate gig on stage at Symphony Hall, where he performs against the backdrop of the world-renowned 2,262 seat venue.

ECM recording artist Iain Ballamy has become internationally recognised as a Saxophonist and composer. He has been described variously as urbane, original, melodic, freethinking and uncompromising.

Listed in the BBC’s publication ‘100 Jazz greats’ between Count Basie and Chet Baker his work is contemporary with both strong jazz and classical references and yet un-encumbered by formality and tradition.

Over 3 decades spent transcending musical genres and stereotypes and gradually forging strong and ongoing relationships with musicians around the globe, Iain Ballamy has worked with many cutting-edge figures of today’s contemporary Jazz scene.

Don't miss BBC Jazz award winner (Awarded for innovation in 2001) perform in an exclusive performance, presented on Symphony Hall stage.