We welcome the brilliant Colombian guitarist and vocalist Camilo Zenjura to Birmingham, joined by Swedish/Chilean percussionist Leandro ‘Lele’ Mancini. The award-winning Camilo brings his passion for community and group singing alongside some wonderful Latin American guitar, from traditional earthy tunes to groovy loop station creations. Camilo will also help you to discover new instruments including the Cuatro, Charango, Quena and several surprises!

In association with Mubu Music.
Recommended for ages 0-7.

Musical Picnics is just one of the many ways we connect over 15,000 young people and adults every year to the wonderful world of music, through fun and interactive events. Whilst this is a free event, our friendly front of house staff will be holding buckets at the end of the picnic for you to donate your spare change. A donation of any kind means that we can continue our fantastic picnics for you and a huge range of vital education work of EVERYONE in Birmingham.