Jazzlines, with kind support from the PRS Foundation, are proud to present the first ever Jazzlines Residency.

The project commissioned 2 Birmingham artists to work in collaboration with wider UK artists to create brand new boundary pushing  works.

Stella Roberts (JoyBang)

JoyBang is an alternative synth-rock duo made up of Stella Roberts on keyboards and Will Glaser on drums. The duo have been working on a brand new set of music which aims to compromise noise and groove with delicate ballads and electronic improvisation. Bringing a contrasting set of influences to their creative process, the music promises to be exciting, uncomfortable and dance-worthy.

Aaron Diaz

For the Jazzlines Residency, trumpet player Aaron Diaz has developed a new 45 minute set of original music in collaboration with Manchester-based guitarist, composer and improviser Anton Hunter (Article XI, Beats&Pieces Bigband, Sloth Racket).

Entitled ‘In The Field Remains’, performed in trio alongside drummer Euan Palmer (Dorcha, Young Pilgrims, Hansu-Tori) the commission explores the balance of order and chaos through the use of live-electronics, free-improvisation and composition.