Over one million Indians - both combatants and non-combatants - participated in WWI – often displaying great courage. A number of these were Sikhs. Inspired by an evocative photograph of Sikh soldiers performing Gurbani Kirtan or Shabads (Sikh sacred hymns) in a French barn, this special concert performs possible hymns that the soldiers took with them to camp and battlefield.

Interspersed by readings of letters between soldiers and their families, the concert showcases their stories through the diverse music of the time, Shabads, recruitment songs and folk songs - including a mother’s lament for a departing son.

Featuring Kirpal Singh Panesar, Keertan Kaur Rehal, Christella Litras, Ravneet Sehra, Prabhjot Singh Gill, Joe Williams and Vijay Venkat. Poetry and images by Imtiaz Dharker, animated by Jack Lockhart.

Presented by Alchemy and SAA uk in association with The Network of Sikh Organisations.