Founded by Edgar Froese in 1967, Tangerine Dream were one of the major forces behind the

introduction of Electronic Music and the Synthesizer to popular culture. Throughout the past 5
decades the band's countless incarnations created more than 100 studio albums, some 60+ film
scores such as the US blockbuster movie soundtracks , „Thief“ with James Caan or „The Sorcerer“
with Roy Scheider. Tangerine Dream got 7 Grammy nominations over the years.

Since Froese's passing in 2015 the line-up consists of remaining musicians Thorsten Quaeschning
(2005 to now), Hoshiko Yamane (since 2012) and Ulrich Schnauss (since 2014). TD's most recent
album 'Quantum Gate' (Kscope) became their best-selling record since 1987 and marked a
welcome return to the UK and European album charts - contributing the score to Rockstar Games'
record-breaking 'Grand Theft Auto V' as well as a number of high profile Syncs ('Stranger Things',
'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch', 'Homecoming' etc.) have further enhanced a resurgence of interest in
the The Dream's evocative soundscapes.

Subsequently the band's done some extensive touring across Europe in 2018 and 2019 -
reintroducing the Sequencer-driven sound for which Tangerine Dream became known in the
1970s. Highlights included appearances at the Dekmantel Festival Amsterdam, Oya Festival Oslo ,
a sold out show at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg and a sold out headline show at the Barbican
Hall in London.

Every performance is backed by a fantastic light and visual show. Towards the end of every
concert a 30+ minute real time composition/improvisation is being performed - turning every
concert into a unique experience and promising yet another captivating live electronic music