This is not a concert, this is a happening.

Birmingham welcomes the return of The British Paraorchestra, this time collaborating with integrated circus company Extraordinary Bodies. With semi-improvised movement, aerial flying and physical theatre, Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece In C is reimagined as the unique union of two very different disciplines. Extraordinary Bodies take cues from Riley’s impulsive and slow-morphing cornerstone minimalist composition, resulting in a hypnotic showcase of physical and mental dexterity. The combined effect will be cathartic, uplifting and engulfing – the aural equivalent to climbing inside a giant lava lamp.

About The British Paraorchestra
The world’s first large-scale professional ensemble of disabled musicians, this ground-breaking group headed up by a genuine pioneer and innovator in the world of classical music, Charles Hazlewood, is changing perceptions of what a 21st-century orchestra should be.

About Terry Riley’s In C
Terry Riley is one of the greatest living composers of classical music. In 1964 he composed the now iconic In C, consisting of 53 short repeated melodies in C major. How often each melody is repeated, or how coloured or intensified, is completely the choice of each individual player. But each player also has responsibility to the whole, ensuring they are never more than three melodies behind or ahead of any other member of the ensemble. It is all about listening, proposing, reacting. As such, from its creation, In C has caused a quiet revolution in music making, the promotion of a new musical philosophy which is not about top-down control, or a pre-determined narrative; there are rules, yes, but they lie in the hands of the instrumentalists.