Tin Men And The Telephone is an Amsterdam-based band that employs live electronics, projected visuals, and audience participation in combination with jazz and improvised music to create a one-of-a-kind multimedia experience. They find music in the sounds of everyday life, melodies in the cries of animals, rhythms in speech patterns or structures in the bustle of traffic, using these as layers alongside their intimate familiarity with the rich harmonies of classical music and modern jazz, and the visceral rhythms of hip hop and Balkan traditions. Above all, through their music and specially-designed apps for audience participation, their performances have a great atmosphere, with pieces ranging from the tongue-in-cheek and a zany humour to jaw-dropping musicianship and moments of wonder and the surreal. Humour is a real theme to their gigs, and people attending them have a lot of fun, both with the interactive elements and in the source material they use. 

Founded by pianist Tony Roe in 2009, the group first performed in galleries, building a strong and committed audience following. Having made their own success, they’ve been invited to perform at leading jazz venues, festivals and theatres across Europe, including developing unique events for young audiences alongside main-stage shows.