Secondary Schools & Colleges

Add to your experience attending a Birmingham Classical concert with these free activities tailored to your pupils’ needs.

Concerts Inside Out

Choose from a range of complementary activities when you attend a Birmingham Classical concert, including pre-concert talks, meeting the musicians, a Q&A with the Artistic Programming Team, and a session on marketing the concert series.

Activities will vary depending on the performances, so it’s worth looking at several concerts to explore a wider range of interactive add-ons.

Schools & Youth Music Groups

  • £5 tickets per pupil/teacher are available to schools, Youth Music Groups and any educational establishment (including home school groups).
  • 2 free tickets for organisers of groups of 20 people or more.
  • How to Book: To book please call Group Bookings on 0800 358 7070 (10am – 5pm, Monday to Friday) or email Click here for more information on this offer.

    Please note that tickets and extra activities are subject to availability.

    How Will this Support My Students’ Learning?

    The Concerts Inside Out offer is aimed particularly at Key Stages 3 and 4, A Level and BTEC Music, and those working towards Arts Awards.

    This is an opportunity to:

    • Supplement what students are learning in the classroom
    • Give students the chance to respond and form a personal reaction to a professional concert
    • Motivate students to explore different career paths in the creative arts
    • Develop students’ practical musicianship and music analysis skills

    Our pupils have had first-hand experience of being part of a live performance and have got to see a variety of different instruments in action. By linking the concerts with our lessons, students were able to make connections between the exam content and the concerts. It was also an excellent opportunity to see the 2 concert halls and to be inspired and motivated by people outside school.


    All the students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and meeting the THSH staff and performers. It was a great resource to help them think about their career and to help them towards a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the work they’re doing for their GCSE Music.


    From this experience, pupils can certainly complete an assignment for Unit 2 of their BTEC based on Professional Development in the Music Industry. They also have a close look at stage presence and audience communication as part of their Unit 4 work for Solo Performances.


    Private Group Technical Tours of Symphony Hall

    Take our specialist technical tour to learn about Symphony Hall’s renowned acoustics.

    Group tours last approximately 90 minutes and are suitable for schools, colleges and universities, who receive a 25% discount.

    Please contact or call 0121 644 5183 to discuss your needs.

    Have questions? Contact us

    Call Becky Woodcock, Project Manager (Schools), on 0121 644 5183 or email