60-second music, dance and film project:

In collaboration with film maker Sima Gonsai, Town Hall Symphony Hall engaged a group of young people aged 14-18 years with new partner ACE Dance and Music. The project was led by professional film, music, choreography and spoken word artists and took place during October half term, 2016.

Participants had the opportunity to create and produce two 60-second screen dance films. Screen dance is an artform that combines film, dance and music creating highly cinematic and artistic short films.

The young people learned about the creative aspects of screen dance and devised two pieces of dance at two site-specific locations. They learned how to choreograph dance for the camera as well as write their own lyrics and record a music composition.

The films were showcased at an initial sharing event at ACE Dance and Music Studios in November 2016. They are now being entered into dance film festivals and shared at conferences to promoting and celebrate the achievements young Birmingham talent.

With grateful thanks to the Peter and Jane How Trust for their generous support of this project.

“Symphony Stories has been a brilliant project. The participants in the project were a mixture of ACE dance and music’s youth company and Saturday Class Programme.

The participant’s learnt several new skills as they had the opportunity to curate, and shape all of the elements for the dance films.

The project culminated in a ‘film preview’ here at ACE Space for project participants, family, friends and other ACE Youth members to attend. It was an absolute pleasure to see what the young people had created in such a short space of time. The participants were extremely proud of the films and excited to share with their family and friends”.

Iona Waite - Education Officer-ACE dance and music