Community Spirit

Community Spirit is Town Hall Symphony Hall’s mass singing programme that aims to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together through their joy of singing. 

Community Spirit began life in 2009 as a project between Town Hall Symphony Hall and Town Hall Associate Artists, Black Voices.  Community choirs apply to participate in the project, and then work together with our Creative Producer, Carol Pemberton CBE, to decide on repertoire.  Weekly choir rehearsals in each community, and mass rehearsals over several months, produce a wonderful evening of song.

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Watch this space for information on next year’s Community Spirit project – subject to funding. 

In the meantime, if you would like further information on the project, please contact

Community Spirit Foyer Gig – Sunday 9 July 2017

It is intended to be a bridge into the main Community Spirit programme for those that wish to explore further.

Falcon Lodge Community Choir

Local people enjoy free weekly choir and instrumental lessons, along with gigs and concerts in the community and tickets for shows at Symphony Hall. 

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Changes UK

Changes UK provides services that support the whole recovery journey - from dependence to independence.  They understand that abstaining from drugs and alcohol is just the beginning of building a new life free from addiction.  THSH and Changes UK both recognise the role that music can play in supporting people to find positive pathways to a healthier life.   

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The Choir with No Name

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Community Spirit Concert at Symphony Hall – Sunday 9 July 2017

Community Spirit 2017 took place at Symphony Hall on Sunday 9th July, featuring eight community choirs alongside THSH’s Associate Artists, Black Voices.

An enthusiastic audience of nearly 1,200 people enjoyed an uplifting and inspiring concert on the theme of ‘Voices in harmony, sharing life and culture in Birmingham'.  The choirs performed a varied mix of pop, gospel and soul, along with included songs sung in Polish and Zulu. Inspired by the Halas Homes Sing and Sign choir, all singers performed two special signed songs.  

Community Spirit means a lot to the people participating in it.  Here’s some of their views…

Find out more about the project from Creative Producer, Carol Pemberton MBE

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