60 Seconds with the Speakmans

We’re launching a brand new series of micro interviews called 60 Seconds With… So for your first instalment, welcome to 60 Seconds With The Speakmans.

We recently had the pleasure a flying visit from The Speakmans ahead of their event in Symphony Hall this April. As part of their visit we were lucky enough to grab a little bit of time with them and asked a few questions on your behalf! Keep on reading for more!

1. Have you always been the positive, confident people you are today?

Not at all, when we met 25 years ago, we had suffered chronic illnesses, and both had a fear of public speaking. Eva also had very low self-esteem and lacked confidence. As a result of our therapy we overcame our issues completely, and now are privileged to share our techniques, to watch others transform too.

2. What inspired you get into life coaching?

We are Psychotherapists (not life coaches), and a life or death situation inspired Nik to successfully overcome his illness and realise that there is a great life waiting for everyone. We would like to show you how, as everyone deserves to be happy and can be better!

3. If you could encourage people to do just one thing on their journey to a happier, positive life, what would it be?

Unequivocally accept you deserve and can have a better life.

4. Who should come to the event at Symphony Hall and why?

Absolutely anyone who is looking to get more out of life should come and join us for an evening of hope, happiness, motivation and inspiration! Everyone knows life can and should be better, and we have discovered some great tools that we will share to make immediate changes to make your life better.

See The Speakmans live at Symphony Hall on Thursday 21 April 2016