Beatfreeks is a movement of people and companies using creativity to empower people to challenge themselves and the world they find themselves in. They're calling on the young people in the city of Birmingham to use their voice to shake the city and grind it to a halt with opinions.

Last year The Beatfreeks Collective, who celebrate their fifth birthday at Town Hall later this month, asked questions about the city and over 600 young people responded. A month later they launched the Brum Youth Trends report and the city stopped to listen and more importantly, began seeding change.

The report reached far and wide with 400+ organisations downloading including Virgin Media, Uprising and Birmingham City Council, creating impact across sector, even influencing the future of culture funding for young people in Brum.

This year they are aiming for over 1500 responses, to provide authentic insight to the wants, needs of young people, and include them in shaping this city.

To take part in the Brum Youth Trends 2018 survey visit