Artist Q & A: SWIM DEEP

Emerging from the ‘B-town’ scene alongside friends and fellow bands Peace and JAWS, four-piece dream-pop and indie-rock outfit SWIMDEEP have seen major success over the past 12 months with airplay on national radio, acclaim for music media and a place in the Top 10 with debut album Where The Heaven Are We, released in late July.

The Birmingham band, who have previously toured with Spector and Two Door Cinema Club, performed at a number of festivals this summer including The Great Escape, Latitude, Benicassim and Bestival. SWIMDEEP kick off ten-date UK tour with a show in Sheffield tonight (Monday 16 September) before heading home to play the same venue as David Bowie, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, PJ Harvey, The Beat, Midlake, Iron & Wine, Bat For Lashes and The Eels later this week.

Zachary Robinson (drums) took a little time out to tell us about how the last year has been for the band, and what’s in store at their homecoming gig:

THSH: Hello Zach, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How are you and the band and where in the world are you right now?

Zach Robinson [ZR]: Eyaaa, I’m cool ta. i wouldn’t usually speak for the other guys but I’m guessing they’re great, we’ve had a fun weekend. We’re all back at home probably doing jack.

THSH: We’re guessing that 201/2013 have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for you since breaking, the Chess Club deal, media interest in you and B-Town. What have been your personal highlights of the last 12 months?

ZR: Yeah, there have been many highlights, i think recording an album and releasing it in the crazy world that we live in has to be number one for me though, Its a nice feeling to have a collection of music out there that people can listen to whenever they like especially if they’re having a great time doing so. From the start we’ve been heavily into wanting to make people feel great and if we’re doing so then excellent.

THSH: Your debut album Where The Heaven Are We landed recently. What kind of feedback have you been getting about the record?

ZR: Its been really nice to be honest, Everyone around us has been really kind and said really cool things about it which is great. As well as it being one of the best feelings, its quite a scary thing releasing your first album, there’s a lot of suspense whilst you’re waiting for everyone you love to give you feedback, you just hoping they like it as much as you do and as much as you hoped they would.

THSH: Can you talk us through the writing and recording process a little please – where did you get your inspiration from, what kind of music or art were you enjoying at the time of recording and why Brussels?!

ZR: The writing and recording process started a few months before we actually went to Brussels. It felt like a great place to go away to for a few weeks and just really concentrate on making the best album we possibly could. We were in the studio in London over summer where we recorded Francisco and Honey, that was the first time we worked with charlie the producer, We instantly felt excited about having the chance to record an album with Charlie Hugall (producer). As soon we started working on those earlier tracks he totally understood what we wanted from the album and gave great input. The writing itself was a long term process I’d say – there are songs on the album that we wrote a just a few months after starting the band, but over time they improved and inherited the characteristics of some of the newer tracks on the album.

THSH: What can fans expect from the Town Hall gig on Friday 20 September and how are you feeling about playing on the same stage as The Beatles, Sabbath, Bowie, Pink Floyd etc?

ZR: I think along with every other gig we play expect a performance. Being on stage and playing music is no different to playing the lead role in a West End show. We treat every show we play exactly the same whether it be to a hundred people or a thousand but I have to say this one feels a little more special already. Its obviously going to be a great feeling to be on the same stage as those legends that have played there in the past, all the bands that have played there in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are among our favourite bands to listen to.

THSH: Give us your best recommendations for Birmingham spots to (a) hang out and party (b) eat © escape from it all please!

ZR: To party – The Yardbird and The Rainbow. To eat – my mothers house. To escape – there’s no escaping Birmingham, its like a venus bloody fly trap.

THSH: Finally, any message for the music lovers of Birmingham?

ZR: Thanks for everything! xoxoxo

SWIMDEEP play Town Hall Birmingham on Friday 20 September 2013 withWolf Aliceas support.Tickets

Words: Lyle Bignon for THSH