Music made with PVC

The Blue Men play music on one-of-a-kind instruments often constructed out of unexpected materials. 

The PVC is arguably the most recognizable of all the Blue Man instruments. This waist-high, 8-foot-long organ is made of PVC pipes coiled like white snakes, yielding different pitches when Blue Man Group’s rhythmic drumming forces air through the tubes. Another unique usage of PVC pipes, the Drumbone combines the percussive nature of a drum and the telescoping slide mechanism of a trombone. 
The PVC is a mammoth structure made of polyvinyl chloride plumbing pipe that varies in diameter. The Blue Men transform this modern material, typically used by human populations to transport portable water and nonpotable waste, into a melodic percussive instrument. Blue Man Group’s rhythmic drumming forces air through the tubes, whil the length of the pipe determines the pitch of the note.
The Blue Man Group runs at ICC’s Hall 1 from Thursday 28 December to Saturday 6 January.