Black Sabbath star turns to the Blues

Guitarist Tony Iommi rocked up for the final performance of the outrageous multi-sensory experience, Blue Man Group presented by THSH at The ICC. 

After the performance, the Black Sabbath star tweeted “Wow!!! I’ve never seen anything like it…” 


Tony Iommi is synonymous with heavy rock. His innovative, de-tuned, dark riffs are considered to be the blueprint for hundreds of bands that followed.

One member of the audience noted the musical nod to the rock legend’s attendance at the show.

Tweet Bmg

The global smash hit Blue Man Group, which has captivated more than 35 million spectators worldwide, continues its World Tour in Lausanne, Switzerland.


THSH is currently working with the first-ever recipient of BIMM’s Tony Iommi Scholarship. First year degree student, James Attwood is THSH’s Project SoundLounge Fellow and will lead a team of young people to program, produce and market their very own music festival in 2018. 

Last year, the young guitarist, who’s studying a BA Hons in Professional Musicianship, received a £20,250 award from the Black Sabbath riff-master himself.
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