Celebrating young talent with local artist Emre Süner

19-year-old Emre Süner, known as 'Mr Creative' online, rose to fame in 2015 when his abstract picture of Taylor Swift went viral. He now has over 85 thousand Instagram followers and his how-to videos on YouTube are attracting thousands of views. 

Alongside his studies at Birmingham City University, Emre will be creating a series of portraits for THSH, celebrating the young musicians due to perform in our Birmingham Classical 2017-18 season, specifically those who have been recognised by the the ECHO Rising Stars Programme. 

As a music lover himself, Emre commented on his partnership with THSH:

Music is what inspires me more than any art media out there, so drawing Musicians is my way of acknowledging that

Emre Süner

Much like Emre who moved to the UK from Qatar, the young musicians recognised by the ECHO Rising Stars Programme have a similarly diverse background. Austrian born percussionist Christoph Sietzen, Swedish viola player Ellen Nisbeth and Hungarian Trumpeter Tamás Pálfalvi are all emerging talents due to perform at Town Hall throughout the year.

Recognising the importance of young people getting into the arts, Emre commented: 

Art is everything. Whether you cook, build/make things, dance, play and sell something, you're doing the art of said thing...This is important because whilst others around you are trying to fit in, doing your own art is what sets you apart

Emre Süner

Much like these musicians who practice hour after hour to perfect their art, Emre is a self-taught artist and worked hard to achieve his creative ambitions. Whether visiting or resident, THSH's collaboration with Emre is testament to the diverse young talent we have in Birmingham.

The series of portraits begins with percussionist Christoph Sietzen as seen above, performing at Town Hall on Monday 29 January.