Chasing the light...home to Birmingham

Its been a fantastic year for us so far, after being buried away creating our new album Chasing the Light last winter in a shiny new studio in Glasgow, we finally got to go and play to people across the country.

We had some fantastic times on the road this summer – from appearing at folk festivals nestled in hidden valleys to playing for crowds of revellers at 3am at the brilliant Shambala Festival!

It’s a great way to get to see the country too, and we’re often stopping off after playing for a quick dip in a lake or river. The tune ‘Dancing Ledge’ on the new album is dedicated to just that, although we’ll probably give the canals a miss when we return to Birmingham to play at Town Hall.

The best thing about traveling to different parts of the country with your music is the people you meet along the way, and we’vebought along a few of our friends to play with us on the closing date of our tour.

Katrina Gilmore and Jamie Roberts are a fantastic duo who have been touring all year with legends Fairport Convention. Jamie has an amazing way of producing melodies, chords and drum sounds all from the same guitar all at once and added to Kat’s violin and mandolin playing, they create beautiful and enthralling rhythms.

We met Lady Maisery at festivals in Wales and Devon during the last year, singing amazing three-part songs often completely unaccompanied, although all the ‘ladies’ are great players – which you’ll hear on the night.

We’re really looking forward to hearing everyone again on the 30 October, this time under the same roof and possibly…playing a big finale to the show together!

Aaron Diaz, The Old Dance School

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