Choir leader Tracy shares her thoughts on upcoming Community Spirit concert

Tracy Bright, choir leader for the Brandhall Community Choir, which is taking place in our forthcoming Community Spirit concert on Saturday 2 May shares her thoughts on the lead up to the big night.


So here we are T minus 3 weeks until the BIG Town Hall Community Spirit Concert 2015!! How are Brandhall Community Choir feeling right now??….. NERVOUS!! This will be the second time we have been involved in this project and now with a choir double the size of our last effort we are keen to take our newer members on this incredible journey once again! It was 2 years ago that we were first approached to be involved and although very much rookie vocalists at this stage, we found the whole experience both exhilarating and liberating from start to finish. Here we are in 2015 and the stakes are higher, the repertoire more demanding and we are rehearsing our socks off in order to scale this mountain of music and be the best that we can be!!

Having just come out of our Monday night rehearsal in our familiar setting of the Oak Tree Centre in Oldbury I realise there is much work still to be done (pesky bank holidays have rather interrupted our song)! But these final few weeks will be crucial in building confidence ready for the final summit (Nothing like an imminent deadline to focus minds! We’ve been scrutinising a couple of the pieces each week, trying to keep the whole list ticking over and obviously additionally putting focussed rehearsal into our solo piece… all whilst continuing our usual performance schedule! It’s hard graft but I’m always relieved that when I announce that it’s home time; no-one actually seems to want to leave.

We are very much looking forward to the final rehearsal and performance on the 2nd May in the Town Hall. Firstly, we get to spend the day singing together in that beautiful setting (bonus), then we get to connect with other choirs and leaders (double bonus), then we get to show off to the warmest audience Birmingham has to offer (triple bonus!!). I guarantee that singers and audience alike will be beaming by the close of the concert and we’ll all go home feeling victorious, validated, and vibrant!

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