Symphony Hall: Inside Out - Spoken Word Creation!

2 W5 A1285

On Saturday 15 July Symphony Hall was turned Inside Out and one of our many activities was encouraging attendees to encounter unexpected discoveries in the Symphony Hall Dressing Rooms!

During a workshop with spoken word artists Joe Cook and Tarik Ross-Cameron they asked YOU to contribute to a mass collaborative spoken word piece. Take a look at your wonderful creation below! 

I never want to be a gazumper
I’d much rather be a long jumper
Crocodiles are so snappy
People are so chatty
They make me fill my nappy!
Homework makes me mad
But I don’t like being bad
You and me we can build a community
We’re allowed to be proud of our unity
Small spaces, large space
Is just a matter of taste
My mum is fun
I am full of Joy
When I play with my new toy
When you see a clown
Don’t wear a frown
Turn it upside down
My brains not working confusion
The fall needs to be cushioned
Thinking about the range
The variety of the strange
I think their was a curse
That put me in the hearse
When we came in was like wow
In the room was a cow
The weird beard
Feared a deer
In the aftermath I laugh
As I walk down the path
Towards my bath
The weird become feared
I felt my emotions churning
As I waited heart yearning
We’re just here
No time to rehearse
Inside out
Its really inverse
The world is inside out
A mirror of fear
That makes me shed a tear