Five Iconic Songs Produced By Giorgio Moroder

As the founder of disco and electronic music trailblazer, Giorgio Moroder made his mark as an influential Italian producer, songwriter, performer and DJ. 

The musical genius behind many of your favourite hits is embarking on his first ever live tour this April - here are some of the iconic music Giorgio Moroder has produced!

Donna Summer - I Feel Love

'I Feel Love', with its unmistakable intro, topped UK charts for over a month when it was released in 1977. This proved to be a landmark in disco history, transcending the boundaries between disco and other genres and setting the scene for clubbing culture in the years to come.

Blondie - Call Me

It was the main theme for the film 'American Gigolo' (1980), performed by Blondie. Giorgio initially wanted to work with Stevie Nicks but due to contractual reasons she couldn’t do so… he then approached Blondie. Debbie Harry produced the lyrics.

David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

Produced for the 1982 horror remake 'Cat People', Giorgio created most of the music first with Bowie coming in to work on the lyrics.

Berlin – Take My Breath Away

One of Giorgio's proudest achievements throughout the 80s, 'Take My Breath Away' topped the charts in 1986 as part of the 'Top Gun' soundtrack. The hit ended up winning both the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder – Together in Electric Dreams

Fusing the talents of two synth masters, Giorgio and lead singer of The Human League, Philip Oakey, the track exceeded the success of Electric Dreams (the film it was originally created for). 

In 1997, Moroder and Summer won the Grammy Award for “Best Dance Recording” for the song “Carry On”. In 2004 Moroder was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame.

A Celebration of the 80’s will be an evening filled with his dance hits, both classics and recent. The performance will stay true to his roots in a production execution that is fit for the future. 

Fans will see Moroder conduct, play the vocoder, electronic effects and sounds. He will play the piano and he will share personal stories that have never left the walls of his studio before. He will pay tribute to longtime muse Donna Summer, with the disco-diva live on screen performing in sync with Moroder and his band. 

It is something I have always wanted to do, fans kept reaching out to me, asking if I would ever do a real tour. Back in the days it was unthinkable for producers to ever leave their studios. That territory was reserved for the singers. Today, DJ’s and music producers have become the superstars of popular dance music, so the time feels right and I am so excited to be finally doing this!

Giorgio Moroder

Catch 'the man who invented dance music' (Nile Rodgers) perform at Symphony Hall on April 1 2019.