"For the Mavericks with Love"

Mavericks super fan Mrs Shirley Allen has honoured her favourite band by dedicating a seat in Symphony Hall to them ahead of their performance in the venue on Thursday evening as part of the hall's Name a Seat campaign.

Mrs Allen dedicated seat CC16 in Symphony Hall to the Mavericks with a plaque reading "For the Mavericks with Love". The group stopped by on Thursday to see the plaque and get a few photos before their concert in Symphony Hall that evening. The concert was part of their Brand New Day tour, featuring their new album by the same name, as well as songs from their hugely successful albums In Time (2013) and Mono (2015).

Mrs Allen was delighted by the response of the band and said the occasion really was something that she would never forget.

I am absolutely thrilled that all worked out so well, and over the moon that "My Mavs" asked for copies of the photos for themselves! It has all been a truly magical experience for me, something I will cherish forever.

Mrs Shirley Allen
For The Marvericks With Love

The seat was dedicated to the band as part of Symphony Hall's Name a Seat campaign, which allows anyone to dedicate a seat in the world-renowned concert hall to someone special, to celebrate a special occasion, or to share your love of music with everyone who walks through Symphony Hall's doors. Donors also receive a personalised certificate and a photograph of the plaque. 

Every plaque in Symphony Hall tells a unique and individual story and it is wonderful to see people’s reactions when they are fitted into the Hall. Behind-the scenes, each plaque donation helps Town Hall Symphony Hall to continue our vital education work that focuses on inspiring our future audiences and nurturing young musical talent.

Sally Pennington - Assistant Head of Development, THSH.

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