Four things that connect a Birmingham Black Sabbath guitarist and a 23-year-old Austrian Violinist

  1.  They both play stringed instruments

Tony Iommi is synonymous with heavy rock with a guitar style that helped set the stage for numerous bands that followed after him.

Emmanuel Tjeknavorian is a violinist. Born into a family of musicians, Tjeknavorian began to play the violin at age 5. At age 7, he played his first public concert.

2. They’ve both had entries in Eurovision

In 2012, Emmanuel represented Austria at the Eurovision Young Musicians Contest.

The following year, Tony Iommi brought rock to the Eurovision Song Contest penning a ballad for Armenia's entry in the annual competition.

3. They both have connections with Armenia

In addition to Tony writing Armenia’s entry in the annual competition, his connection to the country goes back much father. The Black Sabbath guitarist has first became involved with the nation after an Earthquake in 1998 which left 45,000 people injured and 500,000 homeless. When he later visited the country he became involved in a campaign to raise money for a music school.

Emmanuel is of Armenian origin. His father, Composer and conductor Loris Tjeknavorian, grew up in what he has described as “an Armenian immigrant ghetto”.

4. They are both coming to perform at Town Hall within two weeks of each other

Following his sellout show in 2016, the legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is returning to the Town Hall for an amazing evening talking about his life and career at Town Hall on Saturday 23 June.

The exceptional young Austrian violinist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian will perform a bold unaccompanied recital at Town Hall on Monday 2 July.