Happy Birthday Revolver!

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50 years ago today, Revolver by The Beatles was released and to this day is considered by many to be some of the fab fours finest work. To celebrate the anniversary and the upcoming Beatles shows we're hosting here, we've compiled 5 of our favourite facts about the album Have we missed anything? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter!

5. Best gig never?

Not a single one of the songs on Revolver were ever performed live by the group as a whole, even though it came before their final tour of the US in August 1966. Allegedly due to their extensive and innovative use of distortion, double tracking and SFX on songs such as Tomorrow Never Knows, the band found them a touch too complex to play live.


4. Here, There and California?

Here, There and Everywhere was meant to be a musical reply to the Beach Boys hit God Only Knows with whom which a friendly creative rivalry had spawned. Pet Sounds heavily influenced the iconic album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

I was round at John’s house - I’d shown up for a writing session - and he was late getting up, as often happened. So, what would happen was we’d just give him a shout then I would get a cup of coffee or something, and hang out until he got up and showed up. I was sitting by the pool out in Weybridge where he used to live, at a house called Kenwood. I had my guitar for the writing session and I just started playing around and got this idea of, “Here... [sings melody].” Second verse: “There... [sings melody]” “Everywhere...” I sort of got the structure of it, and then he got up, he got his cup of coffee, and we set to actually working on it and completing it. That was a nice one for me...

Paul McCartney | Interview with Clash Music

3. Good Day, Sunshine!

Often cited as a stand out track, Good Day Sunshine (McCartney) has actually been played as the start-up music on multiple Space Shuttle missions with Sir Paul even playing the song live to the crew of the International Space Station in November 2005 , making it the first-ever live music concert link-up to the space station!

Check out the video below:

2. Eleanor Who?

None of The Beatles play an instrument on Eleanor Rigby: Paul takes lead vocals with John and George providing backing vocals. Instead of the bands more traditional use of guitars, George Martin actually opted to use a violins, violas and cellos instead.

Whilst they did not contribute to the music, all four Beatles contributed lyrics to the track (though Paul does have the lead song-writing credit).

Check out a guitar version of the track from Miloš Karadaglić who will be with us on 7 Nov, below:

1. Revolver... AKA Beatles on Safari?!

We very nearly had a very different album title! The original title for the album was actually Abracadabra but his was ultimately rejected as it had already been used by another artist. In jest (we think...) Ringo Starr suggested After Geography to parrot The Rolling Stones’ Aftermath and thus a slew of odd (and not great!) names began flying about! Eventually Lennon suggested Revolver but other titles included Magic Circle,Four Sides Of The Eternal Triangle and the truly odd, Beatles on Safari. We think they made the right choice!

Watch more on the making the album below:

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