Monday 17 March 2008, 7.30PM


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As part of CHINANOW, the UK’s largest ever festival of Chinese culture, a concert of traditional and contemporary Chinese music pieces will be performed by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra led by artistic director and principal conductor Yan Huichang at Town Hall Birmingham on 17 March.

The impressive 85-piece ensemble consists of traditional and improved Chinese instruments (some with origins of over 1000-years-old), which played together with Western style instruments, creates a unique and mesmerising sound.

As well as breaking Guinness World Records for mass performances, performing the soundtrack to the acclaimed martial arts film Kung Fu Hustle and playing to audiences across Hong Kong and China, the Orchestra has maintained an intense presence at international festivals and concert halls all over the world.

Conductor Yan Huichang has won numerous accolades, from his extensive work with the professional Chinese orchestras in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Singapore to the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Silver Jubilee celebrations and plays an active part in the organisation’s consistent community and outreach work.

CHINANOW takes place in 2008 to coincide with the Chinese New Year and continues through to the end of July and the opening of the Beijing Olympics. The festival programme features a wide range of cultural projects and performances encompassing art, design, cuisine, culture, science, business, technology, education and sport.