New partnership looks to keep Town Hall’s energy in check

Town Hall Pic

Town Hall Symphony Hall is set to launch a new partnership with energy consultancy The Energy Check for the iconic Town Hall, Birmingham.

The organisations will work together to look at the venue’s energy strategy, with The Energy Check set to make recommendations to reduce energy consumption and provide renewable solutions to help Town Hall become a more sustainable and energy efficient venue.

Town Hall has been a hub of civic and cultural life in Birmingham for more than 180 years. From classical to comedy to rock to pop, it’s now one of the city’s most versatile venues having featured artists such as David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Tony Iommi, Caitlin Moran and more.

Town Hall Symphony Hall are constantly looking for opportunities to introduce more music to more people. We’re thrilled that The Energy Check have highlighted an annual cost saving at Town Hall, which enables us to continue to offer musical projects that have the power to change lives, entertain and uplift whilst also shrinking our carbon footprint.

Nick Loveland, THSH Chief Operating Officer

Energy Check Large

At The Energy Check, we are primarily involved with sports clubs, but we could not be more excited to be partnering with such an influential venue that is the Town Hall. We are looking forward to building a long-standing relationship with THSH and being part of its community and continued success.

Amy Taylor, Corporate Partnership Manager at The Energy Check

The Energy Check is one of the UK’s leading energy consultancies based in the North East with offices in Birmingham also trading in the Netherlands and Jamaica.

The firm, which was established in 2014, provides market expertise to thousands of businesses and customers to help them reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions.

With a combined experience of over 40 years, The Energy Check is also involved in finding tailored renewable and energy efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes such as LED lighting, solar PV, biomass, commercial battery storage, electric vehicle charging points and more.