Learn and Join In - Science of Sound

The acoustics of Symphony Hall are believed by many to be the best in the world, so what better place to explore theScience of Sound?

Our fantastic team of musicians, technicians and Ruth Perkins – a science communicator from the social enterprise science made simple – transform Symphony Hall into an interactive sound laboratory. Through fun and interactive demonstrations and practical examples, we explore how sound is made, travels and how we hear.

The show also features our BAFTA nominated organ animation, The Mechanical Musical Marvel and our brilliant organ scholar, William Weir, who provides demonstrations and musical excerpts on the organ.

“Birmingham’s Symphony Hall has to be the best venue I’ve had the pleasure to work in, and I have been lucky enough to work in lots of different venues around the world.” Ruth tells us. “There is something about the place that gives me shivers as I walk onto the stage. Maybe that’s because I’m thinking about all the brilliant performers that have been on that stage before me, or maybe it’s the sheer scale of the place, or maybe it is down to the incredible way sound bounces around the whole hall and beyond.”

Ruth describes a few of her favourite things about the show. “We’ve always had brilliantly keen audiences and I love their reactions as they get involved with the experiments. I get to demonstrate a variety of sounds using some of my collection of strange instruments, including my didgeridoo and the giant mooing bucket, as well as hearing our biggest prop of all – the organ that has 6000 pipes. The science we are exploring isn’t just fascinating. By listening, feeling, experimenting and enjoying sound with us, you can use it to make your own music.”

“Science of Sound”:“http://www.thsh.co.uk/event/science-of-sound-13-14/ is delivered by THSH’s “ Education & Community”:http://www.thsh.co.uk/learn-and-join-in/ team in partnership with science made simple. The show is just over an hour and has been created for Key Stage 2 pupils.

Contact Emma Melvin for more information on 0121 644 5185 / emma.melvin@thsh.co.uk