Learn & Join In: The work experience week at THSH

Last week during the exciting buzz around the Music For Youth National Festival here, we had a fantastic team of work experience students working with the Education & Community team, writes Emma Melvin, THSH Education & Community Coordinator.

It was a brilliant opportunity for 14 lucky students to gain an insight in to the workings of our spectacular concert hall through activities and tasks ranging from creating mocktails to staging their own rock concert – an exciting week for all! Here’s what they had to say about their week with us:

“The week started with an interesting and informative tour of Town Hall. From the Joseph Hansom suite to the highest row of the concert hall, it was truly amazing to see every aspect of such an awesome venue. In the afternoon we had a series of tasks set by the programming team, including creating our own festival. It gave us a great insight into how artists are chosen and placed in the many venues of Birmingham.”

“Tuesday was a very fun day; we let our creativity flow with the Bars & Hospitality team by making non-alcoholic cocktails followed by strawberries smothered in luscious, silky milk and white chocolate.”

The afternoon consisted of us constructing various stage set-ups (i.e. catwalks, rock concerts and orchestras) with the technical team. We set up the microphones, speakers and arranged our own lighting. The whole day was an active learning experience and opened our minds to many possible jobs.”

“Wednesday gave us the opportunity to shadow stewards with the Front of House team. This was an amazing experience that combined learning how the team works and being able to watch live music in the Symphony Hall.”

“On Thursday we had the opportunity to work with the Marketing and Communication teams. We learnt how advertising and press releases are put together, how Facebook ads are created and how the Marketing team design different ways of informing people about upcoming events. It was very interesting and helped to deepen our understanding of what goes on behind the scenes here at THSH.”

“On Friday, our last day, we worked with the Development team where we learnt about how to fundraise for events. It was very hard to think of imaginative ways to get money so the team here does a great job! In the afternoon we relaxed and enjoyed an afternoon watching some amazing talent in the Music For Youth Festival tent.”

– The THSH work experience placement class of 2013 is: Abi Draisey, Chenille Tennant, Chabala Natasha Hall, Alice Bettis Marsh, Jo Greenhill, Jody Smith, Drew Allen, Thomas Barr, Alice Daish, Francesca Wood, Harriet Davenport, Jack Cope, Matthew Jones, George Glasby.

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Images: Emma Melvin