Ming de Nasty exhibition exploring how LGBTQ+ Women self identify comes to Symphony Hall

On Tuesday 6th November Symphony Hall's L3 Foyer saw the arrival of a portrait exhibition. The artist Ming de Nasty was commissioned to create a series of portraits of queer women in Birmingham for this year’s SHOUT festival.

2 W5 A6991

I wanted to explore the debate around identity and make portraits that showed people as unique individuals, to give the participants a space to tell their own stories and expose shared experiences

Ming de Nasty

2 W5 A6990

SHOUT is delighted to commission this new series of photographic portraits by Ming De Nasty exploring how women self-identify, what impact labels have on their lives and how their unique and complex identity shapes how they connect to the physical spaces around them. 

The portraits will be toured around Birmingham and THSH have the privilege of being the first venue to exhibit them. They will be viewable from Tuesday afternoon until Thursday evening so please take the time that you can to appreciate them.