#NationalPoetryDay and The Lost Words' First Anniversary

October 4 celebrates National Poetry Day,  a British campaign to promote poetry, founded in 1994.  The theme for 2018 is "Change". 

The day after (October 5) also marks the first year anniversary of writer Robert Macfarlarne and West Midlands artist Jackie Morris's spell book, The Lost Words. A companion piece to the book that involves 8 musicians who will come together to turn these written and visual spells into a song on February 9 2019 at Town Hall alongside live illustrations from Jackie Morris herself.

Goldfinch 1 Copy

​My response was twofold: an anxiety at what was being lost, and a wish, a powerful wish, to do something hopeful in response. And then by a kind of magical thinking, by the power of spells that might be spoken and images that were painted, we would try and summon back those creatures and those trees and those plants into the mouths and mind's eye of children.

Robert Macfarlarne

The artists attended a residential back in September 2018 in the Lake District where they worked closely with Robert and Jackie on all elements.

After a short run of dates, culminating with a performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Southbank Centre, the 8 musicians will come together once more to grace the stage of Town Hall on February 9 2019.