Open media call: Curious Sounds in Curious Spaces



SYMPHONYHALL #curioussounds #sh21

Symphony Hall is 21! As part of the celebrations (which run until July) we have a free open day this Saturday (Easter Saturday, 7 April, 12 noon-5pm). Curious Sounds in Curious Spaces – a journey around Symphony Hall for adventurous ears of all ages – is curated by Fierce for Symphony Hall’s 21st Anniversary, and will include performances, installations, experiments and workshops to see, hear and get involved with.

During the day, you’ll be able to film/photograph:

Unusual sounds – a host of individual installations, events and experiments

Feral Choir/Phil Minton – groups from Symphony Hall will explore the potential of their bodies to create sounds and noises beyond the act of singing

Brian Duffy – a performance on souped-up versions of Speak and Spells, the classic 70s children’s toy

Tuning Up – helium balloons attached to harmonicas ascend to the ceiling inside Symphony Hall creating sounds they gradually deflate and descend, exhaling the helium through the harmonica

Mobile Sinfonia – a performance by mobile phones consisting of a series of ringtones, conceived by Jem Finer (ex-The Pogues)

8 Bit Lounge – Gameboy music, chip-core tunes and an array of retro arcade games

Juneau Projects – 21st century DIY music-making workshops – build your own instruments adding simple electronics to trigger sound samples

Unusual spaces – unique public backstage access to Symphony Hall including areas such as the scene dock, piano store, behind the organ, dressing rooms and band rooms

Graeme Miller & Piano – a player piano slides into the distance accompanied by its own movie from the stage to the scene dock

Sarah Farmer – transforms the backstage stairwell into a musical instrument

Felix’s Machines – Felix Thorn takes up residence in the Piano Store to create moving musical automata made from found materials from parts of musical instruments to soap dishes

Interviews available with Laura McDermott (Fierce), Paul Keene (THSH) and artists on an ad hoc basis


12.15-12.45pm Picture & Piano (15 mins), Symphony Hall
12.30-1pm Brian Duffy, Level 3 foyer
1pm-1.30pm Feral Choir, Symphony Hall
1.30pm-2pm Picture & Piano, Symphony Hall
2pm-2.30pm London Snorkelling Team, Level 3 foyer
3.30-4pm Brian Duffy (2 × 15 mins), Level 3 foyer
4-4.30pmpm Tuning Up, Symphony Hall
4.30-5pm Mobile Sinfonia (15 mins), Symphony Hall

12-4.30pm Juneau Projects (workshop), Level 5 foyer Drop In
12.15-12.30pm 8 Bit Lounge (performance), Level 4 foyer*
1pm-2pm *repeated
2.30pm-3.30pm *repeated

TOUR (12noon – 4.30pm, continuous)

Ray Lee Level 2 Band Room 1,2 &3
Film screenings Artists’ Bar
Felix’s Machines Piano Store
Mark Anderson Scene Dock, back stage (only between 2.15pm-4.30pm)
Organ Level 4, organ (only between 2.15pm-4.30pm)
Sarah Farmer stairwell
Sound Kitchen/Sonic Tree Level 5a foyer

NB: Signage alerting members of the public that filming and photography will be taking place will be visible throughout the building and we ask all videographers and photographers to be sensitive to the needs of other members of the public, particularly parents and children.