Operations: Open all hours

One of the great things about working for THSH is the variety of things we do. You never know what might come your way next!

Our new shop is a great example of this for me. In four months I have scoped out the income potential for a new business, designed the space that the new shop would fill and worked with builders to create it, spent hours with retail specialists creating the perfect shopping environment for our customers, and produced a product range of over 400 goods to fill this wonderful new space.

Of course I haven’t done this all by myself – a number of key members of the THSH team have helped enormously. But it’s such an exciting project that people really enjoy contributing to it. I have tried to involve as many people as I can – to the point where the whole THSH team had the opportunity to vote for the final carpet design (which is fab by the way – a lovely vibrant red).

So now the building work is finished but the hoardings are still in place – they won’t come down until the very last minute to maintain the element of surprise! We have recruited a great new shop manager and a team of enthusiastic assistants who will all start work next week. The shop opens on Thursday 24 October, and will be open from 11am until the end of the interval on concert nights (6pm on dark days where there are no events). We will be selling a wide range of musically-themed gifts, books, cards, toys, instruments and CDs.

As I write this there’s just under a week to the big day – and inevitably LOTS of last minute jobs to attend to – but I am extremely positive about what we will be offering, and I just hope that the thousands of concert and conference attendees in the building, together with the millions of people who will be walking past the front door of the shop over the coming months and years, will like what we have to offer!

– Nick Loveland, Director Of Operations