Our guide to Valentine's Day for the panicked and unprepared!

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us so to help you out we thought we’d share some of our tips for celebrating the day. (Single? Then skip to point 4)

While we’re not Hallmark, Doctor Phil, or love experts, we’ve been home to a fair few weddings and engagements galore. So for our easy tips for an ideal Valentine’s Day, keep reading…

1. If your partner is the romantic sort then our top tip is this: remember. Life is busy, work is hard, there’s often a million and one things vying for attention in our brains. So, if like us, life keeps you on your toes, take a moment to set a few reminders for yourself. This will give you the best shot of having the kind of Valentine’s Day you want.

2. Plan. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about big bucks and grand romantic gestures (although they can be if you want) and you can have an excellent day without spending much, as long as you plan. A little thought goes a long way and more often than not, it’ll be the thought that shows how much you care.

3. Get creative! Shop bought flowers and chocolates, well, they are nice… but memories last a lifetime! How about a treasure hunt across the city? Or cooking their favourite meal, followed by a movie night?

4. Single? Then skip all of the above and simply, have a great day, or if you’re looking for love, check out one of the many Valentine’s events happening in Birmingham…

BUT… If you are in the mood for memorable gifts then we have a number of exciting concerts taking place around Valentine’s Day that might tickle your fancy. More

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