Our top 5 tips to planning your wedding.

So the question has been popped and you tell the world, you’re overwhelmed with congratulatory messages and everybody wants to see that ring. Once the dust settles, the realisation dawns – there is a wedding to organise. Don’t panic! You can get through this without becoming bridezilla.

One of the most difficult tasks is picking the right suppliers, which is understandable, as you want everything to be perfect. However wedmin can be less stressful if you’re organised from the get go.

So to help out we’ve put together 5 tips for planning your special day.

1. Know your budget
Establishing your budget early on is an important part of your planning. Be realistic and don’t overstretch yourself. You might not get a fairy-tale wedding for 300, all extras and a top notch designer wedding dress for £1000, but plan well and understand exactly what you need to get and you’ll save yourself some heartache.

Once you’ve got a budget in mind you are sure to find wedding services and venues that suit your needs and budget. But keep organised. So, whether it’s an excel spreadsheet or a handy wedding planning app, planning, keeping notes of expenditure will mean you’re not faced with unexpected costs once the big day is over.

2. Go compare!
Shopping around for quotes will help you keep within budget. It will also give you a much clearer idea of how much things should actually cost, ensuring you aren’t being ripped off.

3. Early bird catches the worm
Don’t leave everything to the last minute! If you’ve found the perfect venue, the caterers with the best menu or a great wedding band or DJ, book them. If your wedding falls within the peak season (roughly between June and September) it’s guaranteed that suppliers diaries will be jam packed. So book early to avoid disappoint!

4. Team work
Yes it’s your big day but you may need another set of eyes to help pick that dress. Bring a close family member or friend, someone whose opinion you trust. Remember, this is the time you really need to know which dress looks best on you.
A marriage is a partnership, so work with your partner to make decisions and never be afraid to ask for an opinion or advice. This is the big day and it’s important that you both get your happy ever after started right!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help
So you have 1000 origami cranes to make and two weeks to do it. You decided to make all your wedding centrepieces but somehow it’s suddenly the week before the wedding and you’ve not even started. DON’T PANIC. Ask your friends and family for help – believe us when we say, they really won’t mind. In fact, most people will love being a part of your big day and being able to contribute. You don’t have to do it alone!

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