Project SoundLounge Fellow, Lucy, shares her thoughts on this year’s festival and what awaits the 2016 SoundLoungers

As a member of Project SoundLounge I got to work with incredible artists and musicians, an amazing team of people, and create a festival that I was incredibly proud of. For one weekend in August we took over the Town Hall and created a festival showcasing a variety of musical genres, people and talent we felt was under-represented in the city.
When I first applied to Project SoundLounge I did not realise how much I would gain from the process as a whole. As a programmer for the festival I was responsible for booking the artists to perform, however I also learnt a huge amount about marketing, communications, and production and was able to get involved in different area across the festival.
As a group we met each week to bring the festival together, working hard to program, market and produce the festival. The team was made up of musicians, event managers, students, writers and everyone brought something different to the project and we were able to learn from each other’s skills and experiences.
Throughout the process we were in contact with members of THSH staff, who were always available to provide workshops and guidance. We also learnt from our peers from organisations such as Beatfreeks who were able to provide insight into how other arts organisations work. By being a part of Project SoundLounge I learnt about how much work goes into a project like this and how many tiny unexpected things you need to think about, (who would have thought that providing food for everyone involved would have been such a mammoth task!).
I gained new skills and a greater confidence in the skills I already had and now feel I have I have the experience and skills to apply for jobs in the arts. I gained a real insight into how the industry and THSH work and how I can become part of my local Arts scene. Most importantly I gained a group of new friends and colleagues who constantly inspire and amaze me.
As the new Project Soundlounge Fellow I will be working with the next group of Soundloungers to bring the festival together. I’m so excited to meet the new group and to help them bring their amazing ideas to life.

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