PREVIEW by Rookie Reviewer Jennifer Akroyd

As one of England’s film music greats, Clint Mansell is set to create an exceptional evening as he kicks off his UK tour at Symphony Hall: ‘Uneasy Listening: An Evening with Clint Mansell’, on Wednesday 23rd March.

Clint Mansell rose to prominence within the film industry with his score for the film Pi in 1998, and since then his further unforgettable film credits have included: Requiem for a Dream in 2000, Moon in 2009, and Black Swan in 2010. The haunting song Requiem for a Dream from the self-titled film is well known, particularly in the UK, as the walk on music for the judges on the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

I have been familiar with the film scores of Clint Mansell for a few years now and there is no doubt that his fusion of classical and contemporary, scoring in both an orchestral and electronic idiom, along with his special guests: pianist Carly Paradis and the Sonus Quartet, will create an extraordinary atmosphere in Symphony Hall.