Rookie Reviewer, Elizabeth Lolo tell us about her spiritual evening in the presence of Leona Lewis.

Last night, under a star-like hue, Leona Lewis graced the audiences of Symphony hall with her seraphic voice.

Lewis opened with I Am (which is also the title of her new album and U.K. tour). By infusing a progressive beat with her soulful tones, it established the message and aura of the evening: Leona Lewis is back with a new found source of strength and self-belief. The singer was not only performing to please, but to connect on a deeper, spiritual level with her fans. Each song performed reiterated her new sense of wholeness and happiness in her career and personal life. Songs such as Happy, Footprints in the sand, Breaking free and Fire under my feet all symbolised her transition into an empowered phoenix rising from the depths of her dismay.

Every angle of the evening represented an aspect of her journey: the four white, rocky pillars on the stage, the progression of her outfits ranging from a humble 70’s two piece to a stunning gown which resembled the glamour of Old Hollywood, the moonlit spotlights and the use of visual media to portray simple dandelion seeds floating under a soothing sunset. Lewis used her music and her stage to show her personal growth but to remind her fans of her humility towards their consistent support and love.

The evening was an outstanding success. With each individual melody sounding like it had been crafted in the heavens, it was no wonder that her voice brought many to tears with her sublime rendition of Ave Maria. Her performance was not an extravagant show of dancers and melodramatic lighting – it was simple and modest. Lewis proved that refined talent is enough to stop time itself – or at least make an audience feel like it has.

Her performance was spiritually refreshing and inspiring. In our society, we place celebrities on pedestals and forget they are also human. Lewis reminded us that despite her fame and fortune, she is just like us – and her chosen form of expression of her life is through her music.

I want people to see the real me. Who I am

– Leona Lewis

Elizabeth Lolo is a young writer/journalist from Birmingham. Her love of arts and culture has influenced her diverse taste in music, film and theatre. Her specialist genres are Jazz and Soul, early and contemporary, as she admires the freedom and passion it represents.